.review policy.

  • I am not much of a writer – I will do it occasionally, but if you are looking for big long blurbs about your items  – I might not be your person
    I find it a bit cheesy and redundant >_<
  • Other than that – I have  group spots available.
    I do take random drops – just try to include a NC with your Name / Store, LM,/Marketplace,  what you expect, what its for (event or main store) time period of event  & any other things/links that would be helpful ❤
    I have more time to blog on the weekends – but if there is a time period which something needs to be blogged, I will try my best to get it shown.
  • I also give the SLurls to my sponsors as a special ty to them for sponsoring me. So if you have a hard time finding something that doesnt have a link – feel free to IM me, I really don’t mind ❤
    • Any Questions IM me <333
      Crystalin Clayton

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