Long overdue for me… This post, but I’ve had RL things going on. I’ve been very slow.


Yui & Mimi ! Yui & Mimi

Yui is the newest mesh head from The Sugar Garden. Mimi was released a couple a weeks ago. I love them both. I feel like they are both a bit more mature than the past heads. I love them all. . . But I think Mimi, might be my favorite so far? IDK? I love Yui. I love Dakota too – yeah, I honestly love them all … >__< am I a bad blogger? Yeah… prolly’ 😛

But they both come in 8 tones. 15 expressions, 16 Makeup options. Both different tho.
I put together a comparison of all the heads, front on and profile.


Here are the Yui tones. Expressions, and Makeups! Yui tones p

Yui expressions p

Yui makeups p

Now Mimi ❤

mimi tones p

mimi expressions p

mimi makeups p

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoy these faces 😛 ❤

Other credits

(L) Yui Head :

Head : .tsg. Yui Mesh Head B Tone  – new
Hair : little bones. Hollywood (L)
Eyes : [Buzz] Moka Eyes – Honey {Large} (@Kustom9)
Dress : _CandyDoll_ Daisa Dress Nude – XS (@season story)
Collar : Blah. (My Little Rococo’ Collar) Fancy Shapes (@ black fashion fair)
Bunny : .tsg. Lop Ear Bunny – White *CHIBI* RARE
Nails : .tsg. Almond Nails – Fairy Pastel

(R) Mimi Head :

Head : .tsg. Mimi Mesh Head V Tone -new
Hair : little bones. Grixdale (L) (@N21)
Eyes : [Buzz] Moka Eyes – Angel {Large} (@Kustom9)
Top  : :FY: Amber Cropped Tee (black)  (@ Lubbly Jubblies )
Collar : S&P Collar Anna

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