Here is the newest collection of Spellbound hair!  2 store releases. and 2 event hairs!

4.27 sb

  • 1 : Sunday  – Rigged and Unrigged versions w/ Scarf and no scarf options. The scarf has a texture changing hud too!
  • 2 : Morrigan – @Fantasy Gacha Carnival. This hair is the Ultra Rare. At the same even are the Unicorn / Deer Headdresses I’ve showed in previous posts ❤ Love them!
  • 3 : Journey – Comes with a cute headband that has a Studs and No Studs option! She also includes 2 widths for this hair.
  • 4 : For EB Awareness Event –   Flickr Post
    “Hi guys! So whats this all about? A few weeks ago NatashaAngelfire approached me about participating in an event to help raise awareness of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), and funds for Debra of America. www.debra.org/This is a horrible disease which i’ve been very familiar with my whole life having a mother that has suffered with EB since she was a child. Please take a read if you have a moment <3″


Other Credits  :

  • Skin : Birdy
  • Shadow  : Buzzeri – Royal Liner
  • Eyes  : Ikon – Spectral Eyes
  • Ears : The Skinnery (@the cosmetic fair)
  • Collar  : Pekka (@The Fantasy Collective)
  • Bra  :   Faenzo



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