3.23 Nox @ The skin fair <3

Here are the Nox make up / skin enhancements from the  skin fair.
The fair ends on the 31st, I think! So you still have time to pick them up!

  • The fist pic are the Drama Contour cheeky things!

3.23nox1  Blank – Light – Med – Dark

  • Next is the Drama Lips – Which I wish I had unpacked sooner! Because these are so rad. There are a bunch of colors, But  I am mostly showing the  purpleish shades, cause its what matches 😛


  • Next is the Electric Liner II – there are a couple more colors that are not shown here.


  • And last but not least  are the Muted Lips – Again there are a couple more colors than are shown here.


I really do love make-ups and enhancements. I remember when tattoo layers first came out – How excited I was. I really gives you a chance to make yourself unique in a world where lots of things are so similar. I am still as obsessed now, as I was then.

Other credits can be found —> HERE


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