Just a look I am adoring quite a bit atm. and some EYES!  😛

The outfit (top and undies) are from Blah! At the boobie show! I will be showing more colors later. I love them to DEATH. Maybe quite possibly a favorite set of stuff ever. I adore them.


Now these eyes are from IKON @ famished. I think I counted 5o colors to choose from? There’s quite a range of stuff to pick from.
I am only showing less than half the colors.
The first picture are the sizes they come in, which I think is awesome to do for eyes. Helps with different types of looks I think. If I am wearing a sexy-er type look, I will use the smallest… If its a cutesy – doll like, I would use the biggest. It also comes with mesh prims, and a hud to adjust them. Neet.

12.9 1


ikon blues

ikon browns

ikon greens

ikon purples


Credits :

  • Skin : Birdy – Blair – Peachy (@the arcade)
  • Hair : Eaters Coma – Hair 44 – Light Blonds (@collabor88)
  • Eyes : Ikon  – Spectral Eyes – Scoria (@ famished)
  • Lashes : Redgrave
  • Eyeliner : {SONG} Catlick Eyeliners
  • Top & Undies : Blah! – My Antique Lace Lingerie – Nude (@ the boobie show)
  • Headband : Monso
  • Shoes : Aux – Heartbreaker – Nude (@ collabor88)

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