12.1 {SONG} Adam Eyes

I think a great pair of eyes can add a lot to a nice look. I think eyes a lot of the time, are overlooked because they are  so small. But I love detail. I love eyes. I wish I could change my eyes in rl like I can here. But you know what is odd about that, MOST of the time you see me in sl, I am wearing brown eyes. My eyes are  brown irl. lol Its strange how I do that. But yeah, I do love brown eyes.

Eyes are a drool-able body part imo.

Here is a look at the Adam Eyes from {SONG} – I love the color choices. You know what else I love about {SONG} eyes? Is that they are  ONLY 50L a pair. and not some redonk price of 100-150 L like other places. The  fatpacks are very fairly prices as well…

12.1 2



TP to {SONG}

Funerals Flickr

Marketplace Link

Other Credits :

  • Skin : The Skinnery – Maya 11
  • Lashes : Redgrave
  • Hair : LaViere – Nadia

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