10.23 2A Few things!!!
I havent been feeling so great so my post are coming a bit slowly. Sry :<

But first thing! This  adorable outfit is from alterego, for the perfect wardrobe. It comes with a bunch of stuff. The hat, wings, bodysuit, leg warmers and Broom – Oh also a really nice mesh collar, that I am not wearing, but it really is quite nice…
Super cute tho,  right?

Next is this cute necklace from Blah, that comes in 10 colors, and each one is scripted with an option for gold or silver chain. Its called My Cute Vampaia Necklace. You can also find this at perfect wardrobe! I love it.
I love halloween so much! Its such a fun time of year in second life. These necklaces are great for halloween, but… any time of the year too really. I adore them!


Now for the last thing, are these EYES! From Dead Apples… Holy jebus. I cant even tell you how much I love them! I love fantasy eyes, but I never get to wear them often enough. Its rare for me to find eyes, that make me want to match the rest of myself too, but these just make me want to do that! I love them… like REALLY love them.
I only picked a few out of a bazillion colors to show you, I know I will be using them a lot. So plan to see them in future posts!!!


  • Skin : .tsg – Bunny – Witch (@ the azz show)
  • Hair : booN –  DQO010 hair black
  • Eyes : Dead Apples : Phantom Eyes – Creamy Porcelain
  • Ears : Conjoh Kohime – Triangle Ear
  • Lashes: Candy Mountain – Falsies
  • Teeth : **SHINE** Vampire Teeth/Normal
  • Butt : *L.inc* Phat Azz /w more inner thighs
  • Hands : Slink – Gesture
  • Feet: Slink – Med
  • Boobs : Lolas – Mirage
  • Tattoo Layers :
    • Shadow – .tsg. Elvira’s Makeup Kit – Buffy Eyeshadow (@ cosmetic fair)
    • Stitches – BGTT -FrankenStitches Tattoo (mp link)
    • Lips :.tsg. Lovely  Sheer Chapstick (@ cosmetic fair)
    • Eyebrows : .tsg. Hope Brow *Tintable* (@ cosmetic fair)
  • Necklace : Blah. (My Cute Vampaia Necklace) Black (@ perfect wardrobe)
  • Body Suit/ Wings/Hats/Leg Warmers/Broom – alterego I wicked bitch (@ perfect wardrobe)

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