10.16 Got Lips?


Listen – If you haven’t seen these yet – I just dont know what rock you’ve been living under. . .
TSG @ the cosmetic fair – has a couple new releases. What I am currently obsessing over (and showing in this post) are the “Lovely Sheer Chapstick”
Tintable chapstick layers! Whaaaaaat?!

They come in  light  dark, tan, and medium tone.- to make tinting easy. I am showing the light tone. And Appliers for loud mouth included. Also Teeth option for SL AV tattoo layers.

Good lordy lordy – think of the possibilities! Here are loads of random tints (which actually dont look to random put into post – buy ya know)

got lips

Amazing right? I cant even handle it!

Other Credits :

Skin: TSG – Hope – D
Hair: [e] – Garden
Eyebrow Layer: TSG – Baby – Tintable (@the cosmetic fair)
Eyes: Ikon – Ardent – Glass
Lashes: Redgrave – Classy
Teeth: Shine – Vampire Normal


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