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These cute undies are just what my phat azz needed! LOL.
They are adorable – but I dont have to tell you that – you can see for yourself!
Blah has set 10 colors with phat azz appliers out at the AZZ SHOW – if you havent checked it out yet, you might want to – there are quiet a few amazingly cute things there for the first round!

Paired with the undies are Izzie’s Group Gift for October. “Thigh High Tube Socks”
I asked her to make these, maybe – last mount? cant remember… But she said she would try, because she had a bunch of stuff coming up, and I was starting to think she might have forgot. But when I saw them oh her Flickr stream I nearly died. I squeed so hard my bf in the other room came running in asking me whats wrong. LOL
They are so sexy arnt they? I wanted sock like these to put together a look I wanted to do – styled after Elke the Stallion, in the bubble butt video 😛 . (flickr link to the finished look – not perfect but I love it!)

I really hope she makes more versions of these in every color in the world. lol I will wear the CRAP out of them!

Also  – My nipple tape – I dont know if I have been blind to the world, but I have been looking all over for cute-transparent nipple tape, and I have not seen any anywhere, untill now! Its from Sassy!
Im using the ‘cute pack’. It comes with Two semi transparent styles, one lighter than the other (clear and scotch). and 3 other colors. Aqua, Pink, and White. Comes with the Undershirt, Shirt layer, Tattoo Layer, and an applier hud. I just love these tapes. Id use the crap out of every color in the world of these too! lol ❤



 Credits :

Skin : Tsg – Hope – D
Hair[e] – Thrive – Colour 10
Eyes: Ikon – Prespective – Blue
Lashes: Redgrave – Classy
Eye brows : TSG – Tintable – Baby eyebrows (@ cosmetic fair)
Lipstick:TSG – Sheer Chapstick – Tintable (@ cosmetic fair)
Blush:TSG – High Maintenace Blush – princess (@ cosmetic fair)
Boobies: Loloas – Tango Mirage
Buttbutt: L.inc – Phat Azz
Hands: Slink – Gesture
Feet: Slink – Mid mesh
Undies: Blah – My Savage Lace Culotte (@ the azz show)
Nipple Tape: Sassy – Tape Pasties – Cute Pack
Socks: Izzie’s – Thigh High Tube Socks (0ctober group gift – 250 to join)


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