10.12 Epic & Blah

So mannnnny things going on atm! I can’t even keep up!
My computer is also being a wanker – It keeps crashing every time I try and take a picture. I have to reboot every time! I wanted to show more of what I am about to – but …. maybe when I can figure out whats going on with my computer :<

Here is my look (and then a few things to follow)


random close up


Epic has a couple things going on atm! These “Storybook Thigh Highs” are out at the Azz Show! They come in 12 colors. Black hooves, brown hooves, no hooves, & phat azz appliers are included. Along with the sock layer.
I am only showing 5 colors total (my favs) – I was making an attempt to show all of them – but pc trouble :<

storybook thigh highs

Epic also has the  “Kawaii Gladiator Combat Sets” at the Body Mod Expo! It comes in 12 colors as well. Shoulder pads, Knee pads and a cute helmet that has turning gears as ears (helmet not shown in these pictures)!

Blah is at the Body Mod Expo, with these cute collars! Called “My Nekomata Collar”
It comes in 8 variations. Each one has gold and silver metal option & two shades for bow and gems. Also!!! It comes with a version  that has an avatar collision sound script, that makes an adorable bell sound! How fun!

Blah - collars

Credits : 
Skin : .tsg. – Bunny :: Witch  (@ the azz show)
Hair : booN – DQO010 hair black
Eyes : *L.inc* EyeZ Blind
Lashes 1: Candy Mountain – Moody Falsies
Lashes 2 (bottom): MG – Eyelashes – Party – Inverted Crown
Ears : Conjoh Kohime – Triangle Ear
Earing : (epoque.s) Amen Earring – Obsidian
Horns : Schadenfreude – Kinder Horns
Lips : .Loud Mouth. – Alli
Teeth : **SHINE** Vampire Teeth/Normal
Piercings : –SU!- Alena Facial Piercing Set /INK/
Face Paint : .Oh!Liv. WarPaint *Inova* (Pitch)
Blush : (Ag) Stained Face- Cherry Tart (w/beauty marks)
Beret : TonkTastic – Beret
Collar : Blah. (My Nekomata Collar) Black/Red (@body mod expo)
Necklace : .Olive. the Get em Frankie Necklace – Silver (flf)
Shoulder & Knee Pads :  *Epic* Gladiator Knee Guard {Metal} (@body mod expo)
Cuffs(epoque.s) Menotte de la Nuit – Silver
Ring 1RO – Duality Black
Ring 2 : Swallow – Skully Ring Silver
Top : (love) – hand made skeleton sweater
Shorts : Kenvie. Roks High Waist Shorts – Phat azz Size
Socks/Hooves : *Epic* Storybook Thigh-Highs! {Black} (@ the azz show)
Butt : *L.inc* Phat Azz /w more inner thighs
Hands : Slink – Gesture

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