Im sure most of you heard  – Pink Fuel has the Phat Azz appliers out now! If you havent heard – well there you go! I was going to do a picture with all the tones & butts. But you all know what the butts look like, and Im positive you know what the PF tones are, and it might me an excessive amount of butts in your face. I mean I love asses. But… Idk if  the lot of you share my love for asses. I MEAAAANNN… most of you are wearing the Phat Azz now, But do you really love butts like I do? I mean…. Seriously, I have a huge respect for bums. I do. Its the truth.

Heres a pic. ❤

10.1Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley
Hair : Chemistry
Eyes : Ikon
Lashes Redgrave
Teeth :  PXL
Boobs: Lolas
Azz : Luck Inc
Hands  & Feet : Slink
Jacket : Geek
Top : Luck Inc
Undies : Milk
Choker : Wound
Bow : KiK


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